Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simple Abundance

ABIDE (v.) dwell, reside, live, stay; tolerate, endure, submit, remain, stay. ABUNDANCE (n.) plenty, sufficiency, profusion, luxuriance, fullness, and so on! SIMPLIFY (v.) clear, clean, disentangle; come down to earth "I like that one"! Call a spade a spade "like that one too" (adverb) Simply, purely, solely, only, unadorneadly; in the raw, in plain terms; (adjectives) plain, homely, homespun, earthy “I like that" down-to-earth, ordinary. Soooo---------- take the ordinary and make it Extraordinary with your touch!

I'm learning and I'm longing to SLOW DOWN, take big deep intentional breaths and just be still. I love life, nature, and the natural, rustic, uninterrupted, un-hurried life at the farm! Real beauty, awesome, natural incredible art. Real raw art in the trees, the foliage and the woodland creatures. To watch as they unfurl and uncurl and change right before my eyes with each new passing day; each new season! They blow to-and-fro without an explanation, recognition or worry. Just doing what God intends and asks them to do. I long to be more like nature! Unafraid, non-competing, unhurried, not worried; simply living one day at a time and joining in communion with everything around me. Complimenting, encouraging, and connecting; all the while, living in beautiful harmony with what's set before me.

I want to know who I really am, in order to do what I was meant to do; to really find what I've been looking for all my life! MUSE: To ponder, consider, or deliberate at length. "I went into the woods to find myself, to be quiet, unhurried, without an agenda; not to be "The Queen" but a quiet woodland elf, to co-exist, to just be....surrounded by nature; more beautiful than I, with so much to teach me. Me as the student and nature, my simple surroundings; the teacher. It's a beautiful dance just between me and my creator; in his grand ballroom! Not man made, but God made......The most beautiful work of Art of all! I think I'll have this dance and stay for awhile! I'm not going to worry, or hurry, excuse me while I DANCE, LIVE, and LOVE! I'm going to Abide! And if it shall snow....while then I'll make a snow angel! Why don't you come and join me!

Musings from the farm, Kelly

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