Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bottom's Up June 1st & 2nd

Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 4, 2012

First Friday Shoppers - Bottoms Ups

OH my gosh you First Friday Shoppers! Incredible! Tons of Fabulous
Antiques', Interiors and Boutique'! A shopping meca not to be missed!
Incredible displays, it just makes you want to do the HOOCHIE COOCHIE!
 Tah Da.!!!!!!!! Farmstead will look forward to seeing you there!


Let your heart take flight! Yes we've got more paper lantern! Too Fun!

Who knew! Who knew all the things that one can do with a ladder! Come
check it out! Maybe you can take it home loaded with goodies! It would be
great in your garden filled with plants! XOXOXO

Funky shot! Just dreaming away!

Love all the lace and crochet', Fab Vintage feel! Come check it all out!


New jewelry! Lace, Scarves, Bling! And don't forget your Momma, she likes
pretties too! XOXXO

Grab a girlfriend and head on over to Farmsteadlife at Bottom's Up this weekend. 
You won't want to miss it!!

Farmgirl Kelly

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's in Store at Farmstead at Bottom Up this Weekend

OKAY!!!!!!! Here's some new Turquoise Jewelry that Farmstead is know for
that will be at this weekends bottoms up! Just in time for a Summer
Soiree'! Tons of Fab Jewelry ~ and don't forget your Momma'! XOOXOXOO

BE INSPIRED! Think Positive, Be Bold, Make a difference! Wake up and Go
to Bed with Good Thoughts in your Mind! It Matters! XOXOXOX

Lace and Logs! Why not! This gives you a little glimps at the Farm right
now! It's Beautiful! We are Blessed! Great Mothers day dresses! XOXOXO

Darling! This is great with cuffed jeans and flip flops or all girly'd
up! Add pearls and you can go anywhere! OXOXOX

Aren't the Pink Geraniums beautiful! This is a shot infront of the new
garden shed that we are constructing! Wait until you see that! Coming
soon! Very inspiring and fun for playing outside! I love nature! XOXOXO
Oh and the top is darling too!

Way cool Charo pants!Comfy and cute!

Black is always good!

Love that vingtage lace look! Being a girl is great! XOXOXO

It's good to blaze your own path! Make sure that it's one that you would
like others to follow! XOXOXO

Mercury Glass for decorating the table and Pearls to decorate YOU! XOXOXOX

Lookie Lookie! We've to more paper Lanterns that will be at Bottoms up this
weekend! Great for a party! In the house in a childs room, inspiring in
your craft room, or dancing in the trees out in the yard under the moon
light! XOXOXOX

LOve The DRsSs with the Crochet', love the color, also comes in Black! Love
the fun pillows good for everyone's bedroom, both Big and smAll! XOXOXOXO

Come back first thing tomorrow to see what else is in store at Farmstead at Bottom's Up this weekend!