Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stop, be still - even if it's just a moment - take it all in....

Farmstead -- a love for all things rustic! Vintage, pretty, burlap elegantly mixed with a Farmstead state of mind! Takin' it back to the Farm -- the basics; Family, Friends, God in our lives; a bonfire by moonlight; makin' smores!

Crafting, creating, and good ole' hard labor - where you ache a little at the end of the day - but, ache so good! There's a sense of celebration for an honest day's work, made with your own hands and laughter to get you through. Hayrides, bull frogs, and fireflies! A home cooked meal garnished with veggies from your own garden! Made with love and the time spent making it!

These are the things that you'll remember someday. These are the truest gifts of all. Ones that can't be bought and are seldom duplicated. Spend more time just breathing it all in; for tomorrow's a new day, today will be a memory and a gift you can carry with you a lifetime.

So enjoy, reap the harvest, create and give thanks always!

Fondly from the farm,
Kelly Littmann