Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stop, be still - even if it's just a moment - take it all in....

Farmstead -- a love for all things rustic! Vintage, pretty, burlap elegantly mixed with a Farmstead state of mind! Takin' it back to the Farm -- the basics; Family, Friends, God in our lives; a bonfire by moonlight; makin' smores!

Crafting, creating, and good ole' hard labor - where you ache a little at the end of the day - but, ache so good! There's a sense of celebration for an honest day's work, made with your own hands and laughter to get you through. Hayrides, bull frogs, and fireflies! A home cooked meal garnished with veggies from your own garden! Made with love and the time spent making it!

These are the things that you'll remember someday. These are the truest gifts of all. Ones that can't be bought and are seldom duplicated. Spend more time just breathing it all in; for tomorrow's a new day, today will be a memory and a gift you can carry with you a lifetime.

So enjoy, reap the harvest, create and give thanks always!

Fondly from the farm,
Kelly Littmann

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hootin-Annie's Fall Festival - Photo's from the event!

What a beautiful event - fabulous offerings from 24 local merchants, wonderful chili, hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches - and last but not least of all - Decadent Confections were on hand to offer their wonderful little cupcakes and chocolate truffles - compliments of Ron & Kelly Littmann. In case you didn't get enough of their pastry offerings, they were offering their cupcakes and special chocolates for sale on Saturday.

Just Claudia! She brought a showroom full of vintage whimsy....handmade, altered and
antique items - most of which went to new homes!

A shot of the interior of the Carriage House - full of great offerings...
taken just before the doors opened!

More by Just Claudia....

Robin Minder from Three Shabby Chicks - caught shopping!

Even the huge barn was filled with everything from antique buttons from Odd Folies
to paintings, wearable art and sculptures from Chari Peak.

What a transformation the horse stalls went through!
8 unique little shops to browse!

Beautiful handmade jewelry at Works by Lu!

No ordinary carriage ride..... and you didn't have to fly to NYC to do it!

Live Music!!!

A spalsh of silver and crystal...

Sarah & Jana tootin' their horns! What a PAIR!

Stephanie and a client -- some fab before and afters!

Ron Littmann - his horse power wasn't saddled - it was a pick up truck - providing shuttle service for over 300 guests!

Lori Woods - 5B & Co. Candlemakers -- Brookside

Merry Mary !!! Mary Foley's artwork was inspiring!

Lisa and Kelly - representing Henry Higgins and Fuzzy's!

Happy Shoppers - Ali Gripp and Kara Ward

Jenny - owner of Baby Bouquet

Beautiful offerings from Locust Grove...

My Funky Junk wares....

Dale and Steve of reDeux

more vintage.... terrific burlap bags from Annie Mason... What a Mod Podge of offerings....
Just wait till' you see what we offer you at our next event in the Spring of 2010!

Prep Time and Bowls of Pumpkin Seeds!

Wednesday before the show started with some cooperative pumpkin carving. Several merchants picked up their carving tools and added their own flair to the festive decor by creating their own "Jack-0-Lanterns" The pumpkin seeds were harvested and roasted toasty by Sheila and were added to the food faire and confections table at the Friday night preview party.
It was a nice break from all the set up that has to take place in order to create the beautiful venues seen at Hootin-Annie's Fall Festival.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally a quiet moment to reflect....

As the day draws to close and I reflect upon the bounty of it all, we give great thanks for family, friends and all the natural beauty that abounds. There was much creativity, collaborative efforts, wood cutting fur the fire pit and the day winding down to a good old fashioned weenie roast at the bon-fire; as the sun lays down to rest and the mood and stars come out to play!

The barn is bursting in Autumn's glory with corn stalks, pumpkins, straw bales and cascading festive lights all dressed up in anticipation of the upcoming party.

Blossom and Isabel - on the ready to welcome you to Farmstead.
Two of the best reasons to enter our drive slowly and carefully.
So live well...
this is our favorite time of the year...

we welcome you glorious Fall!
Come celebrate the fresh air, farm life and old fashioned fun... be inspired; there's incredible finds to be had, great eats and sweets and memories to be made with people we love!
Here's to you! We'll see you at the Farm!
Most sincerely,
Ron & Kelly Littmann and our beloved animals

For a shopping foray in the country -- it's a Farmstead Lifestyle. It's the social happening of the Fall --on roads less traveled! You won't want to miss the eclectic offerings; from primitive pieces, shabby chic, 1960'-70's kitsch, Frenchy finds, black cast iron, furnishings new and re-purposed, boutique fashions, lots of jewels and baubles, handcrafted millinery, bags, boots, vintage ephemera and so much more! Did I mention cupcakes! It's all to die for! See you there! It's not just another show -- it's an experience!

Monday, September 28, 2009

You're Invited to Farmstead Lifestyle's Fall Festival !

Who you'll find: Farmstead, Just Claudia, reDeux, Decadent Confections, Red Truck Novelties, All that Jazz, Locust Grove Antiques, House of Colour, A Vintage Mood, Hathaway Shoe, Kinisue's Tropical Boutique, Mod Podge, Three Shabby Chicks, Artistic Works by Lu, Pop Piece, Gatherings, Annie Mason, The Pair, Junie C's & Beading Hearts, My Funky Junk, 5B & Co., Candlemakers, Merry Mary Designs, Fuzzy's, Henry Higgins, Art by Chari Roberts Peak and Odd Folies.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's Farmstead Lifestyle?

Farmstead Lifestyle presents wonderful vintage and antique finds.

Boots that will turn a city girl into a country star!

from blue jeans -- to sterling silver...

flora and fauna....

Great Fall fashions-- beautiful home furnishings...

Bangles, cuffs and Tee's!

Unique decor with a dose of personality...

Bedding, Bath & Beauty...

Comfortable decor.

Back to the Farm....

Curious about Farmstead Lifestyle? The carriage house is home to my new design showroom. The retail division of Farmstead is still going strong with tons of fashion, accessories and beautiful hand-selected antique and vintage finds. You may visit by scheduling an appointment or attending one of the Farmstead Special Events.

One of the three out-buildings.

Pasture view from the barn.

View from the porch of the carriage house.

Looks inviting!!!! Ah....if only we had the time to while away the hours here.

Our vintage horse trailer.

On the porch of the carriage house.

Stalls for the horses -- and the adopted family of cats that have found their way to Farmstead.

Inside the barn.

Handsome, curious, gentle, proud!

The little darling of the bunch.

Feeling a little camera shy....

In our little vegetable patch. Yummy!

Carriage House Kitchen.

Carriage House Living Room.

Carriage House Living Room - door leads to the barn.

Bedroom in the Carriage House.

Screen in lieu of door for the bedroom closet!