Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ordinary things can be Extraordinary! It's all in your attitude!

A desire to grow, have adventure and become a better person; a more interesting person, a "fun" person to be around......tells me that I need to INTENTIONALLY lean into life more; SAVOR each moment as it unfolds, BE FULLY ENGAGED, and be OPEN to the "NEWNESS" of life each day! 

BE GREATFUL!  It's an ATTITUDE thing; it's an up to YOU thing!  SO............What's ya goin' doing friend?  I hope you'll set down your CROWN....... ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES ........ and do EXTRAORDINARY things today ! 

     Musings from the farm!  
XOXOXOOX Kelly ( at Grandma Elsie's kitchen sink)


Julie Marie said...

Merry Christmas Kelly, you look so adorable at your grandma's kitchen sink... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

Kelly Littmann said...

Well Julie Marie Merry Christmas to you too! Isn't that a cute fun photo! Remember when you were a little girl! I bet there's some cute photo's of you too! Important times in our lives! XOXOXO Kelly

Anonymous said...

What a darling photo! Wishing you the best and a Merry Christmas.


Kelly Littmann said...

Miss Alie! I'm missing you! Merry Christmas! My mom e-mailed me a note and said "that was the cutest little girl she ever saw, she might be a little partial though! Great to hear from you! XOXOX Kelly

Friend of God said...

Kelly, Although I miss the Cafe, it is so wonderful to hear your heart each time you post from the farm. Blessings, sweet friend, in your celebration of the best gift EVER, Jesus!!

Friend of God said...

Oh, it was me, debi frazier, above - forgot to sign!!! Love you!