Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fleeting Flea II

We've been very inspired around here at the farm!  We have made some cool things for the show!  Here is our "Gentleman Farmers Chandelier', it turned lots of heads today at the set up!  Very cool over your Rustic Family Farm Table!  The picture frames with old vintage photo's we made with old Barn wood and screen, very Rustic Urban Chic!  XOX Kelly
OH BEAUTIFUL FALL!  So Inspiring to pull out Rustic Cabin Influences! There's a little bit of Childhood Summer Camp memories in all of us still to be explored and nurtured!

Farmstead Fabulous! Be Inspired!  XOXOXXO Kelly

Here is our FARMSTEAD Flower Bed!

Hope to see you at the Fleeting Flea!

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