Wednesday, March 21, 2012


You've heard of it! Locks for Love! Well I grew, I enjoyed pigtails, and then I gave! Just do it! Not your hair perhaps but something of value to you! Your time ~ call a rest home and find out who doesn't get many visitors and go paint her nails; bring her flowers for her room, read a book to her, hug.................. and just spend time!

Give of yourself! Your time..............Your experience; mentor a young women who needs your lifes' lessons! The good, the bad and the "Here's what I'd do differently!" Give of your money; I promise it will come back to you ten fold. You were blessed and now you need to share it! We are "Rich" compared to most of the World. You can, and will make more (and you can't take it with you when you go)! Go ahead and skip something that you would buy, yet again for yourself, and buy something for someone else.

Give from your best, not the bottom! Donate something INCREDIBLE, not a cast off that you no longer want! Share a favorite pair of shoes and watch someone "Dance in the Rain"! It will make their day and YOURS!

Give Anonymously! And then NEVER tell a Soul! I dare you to!

We were meant to do for others................not just selfishly live for ourselves!

I love my new "Do" but more than my haircut I love what it will "Do" for someone in need even more!

It's just hair for goodness sakes! It will grow, You will gather more "stuff" as the years go by, you really can spare an afternoon for someone who lives every afternoon alone! SO! GIVE! JUST GIVE SOMETHING TO SOMEONE OF YOURSELF!

One more thing! MOST IMPORTANT!

Easter is just around the Corner and God gave his Son up for YOU! Jesus died on the Cross for YOU. He gave himself ..................on a Cross, for YOU and ME. What better example for us to see as to what real life, Real Giving, is all about!

Giving! Easter! Jesus! Do you know him! I pray that you do! Have an Incredible Spring! Lets all try and do some Selfless giving!

Muses and Blessings from the Farm! Kelly


Sarah said...

Wow!!! This is absolutely fantastic!!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Kelly, a most heartfelt post... I carefully read and listened... really listened to every word you wrote... there is no better feeling than giving... and you are right, I am "rich"... no, I do not necessarily mean financially, but in so many other ways... my calling in life is helping animals in need... I do alot, but I know I can do so much more... give more of my time to help them... you are an inspiration my sweet friend, and a beautiful lady... I wanted to donate my hair to locks for love when I got it cut, but was told it had to be 12 inches cut off and mine was not quite that long when cut... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie PS You look beautiful in your new do!

Kelly Littmann said...

Julie Marie! Happy Spring and good to hear from you always! We all can do a little bit more,it's just good to be reminded and then act upon it! Everyday I get up and say "Please and Thank You" I want to be a better person, a more compassionate person, and aware of others! Have a great week, thank you for sharing. You are Wonderful, Beautiful you! XOXOXO Kelly

Keira Jones said...

Kelly, this is Keira (the baker :)) love your new hairdo! Looks great! Glad you are doing well, Emma and I just passed by the storefront and she was like "where did the Peacock go". Miss you! Come by my new website/blog and check out what I'm up to! MIss ya HUgs to you and Ron! Keira

westnlisa said...

From someone who was bald from cancer myself just 16 months ago, Thank you for your donation!!

Jennifer@Decorated Chaos said...

you are so inspiring! what a great post. thanks for the reminder (that some of us need to hear more often)...and I love your new do too! :)