Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Inspirational Words on This Beautiful Summer Day

People, including me, are taking stock of their lives right now! It's good to consider options, priorities, and personal goals and values. What do you consider important?

If life were to suddenly end tomorrow, would what you did today matter, would it have been the best day it could have been? Think about it! Then, could you possibly do tomorrow differently?

Are you living the life that you aspire to! If not---why not? If so---GOOD FOR YOU!

I want to do more things that enrich my life and other's lives.

Love from the Farm, Farmgirl Kelly Ann

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Julie Marie said...

Hello Kelly... and thank you so much for your visit today... I just found your blog through Where Bloggers Create, but my instincts are usually right...I think you are a kind, caring lady and I think you are already doing everything the best you can, enjoying what is truly important in life, taking time to count fireflies at night, looking into your horses eyes, slowing down, simplifying... caring about others and making them happy...counting your blessings... you are an inspiration and I look forward to each new post... xoxo Julie Marie